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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rawle Prints

A week or two ago I acquired two of the large prints (the Kalidahs and the Attack of the Fighting Trees) that were used in the local exhibition of Graham Rawle's artwork for The Wizard of Oz. This is the largest that these images have been printed so far, and they are a great deal of fun at this size (approximately 24" x 28") - the attention to detail is impressive, as the details are more easily seen!

In the scene with the fighting tree, Dorothy is wearing her Emerald City dress, which is white since leaving the city. She has the whistle around her neck for summoning the field mice, as well as a bracelet on her wrist which was a gift from the Winkies for destroying the Wicked Witch. Toto and the Lion are both wearing gold collars, gifts from the Winkies, and the Tin Man's ax handle is now gold - another Winkie gift. His jeweled oil-can can't be seen, and neither can the Scarecrow's gold topped walking stick, but the golden cap is lying on the ground where it has fallen during the excitement. You can even see the pins and needles of the Scarecrow's new brains poking out of the top of his head!

I just think the kalidah image is a riot and a clever solution for showing bears with the heads of tigers. I laugh every time I see it.

On Rawle's website, there is a fun blog entry from last April (here) showing his supposed screen tests for the doll to play Dorothy. The variety of hopefuls is pretty humorous!

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