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Friday, April 25, 2008

Laura Bancroft

L. Frank Baum wrote many books under pseudonyms. Under the name Laura Bancroft, he wrote the Twinkle Tales, a set of six small books with stories based in "Nature-Fairyland". I only have one of these individual volumes, Prince Mudturtle, but I do have Twinkle and Chubbins which is all six stories in one volume - yet another way for Reilly & Britton to reprint existing work in a new format.

Another book by Laura Bancroft, featuring the same characters, was Policeman Bluejay. This is a longer book that otherwise follows the same story format as the Twinkle Tales. This book would be reprinted under a new title, Babes in Birdland, and would eventually drop the Bancroft name and be published under Baum's own name. It's no wonder collecting Baum books can be confusing!

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