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Friday, May 30, 2008

Woman with Necklace

Here is a very charming graphite drawing by John R. Neill of a woman wearing a delicate necklace, and dressed in an almost Ozian style. I'll always think of Neill as a pen & ink artist, but the various illustrations being offered by his descendants show what a variety of mediums he had mastered. I've tried to gather a collection of pieces that show his different styles and talents.

This drawing has the caption "Hilden 42nd & Madison" I'm not sure if that is a title, or a note of an address! Apparently this was published in an issue of Elks Magazine, but I've never seen a copy - I'm working on tracking it down.

I'm very fond of the book Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and for some reason I always think of this as a drawing of Arabella Strange. Completely un-Oz related, but there it is!

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