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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Homesick Schooner

Back in March, I posted an image of a John R. Neill watercolor sketch, as an example of some of his seascapes and nautical work. I've recently found what that sketch was intended for, in a copy of Boys' Life magazine, from 1936.

I hadn't realized that a finished version of this image had been done, or even that it had been intended for publication. Several of the Neill drawings I have are unidentified, so it's exciting to actually find one in print - even in a different form, such as this.

As can be seen, the name of the story was The Homesick Schooner, by Edward M. Barrows. Neill did a fair amount of work for Boys' Life, including a couple of covers. Some of his work was reprinted in the Boy Scouts Year Book series, published by D. Appleton, which compiled selected articles from issues of the magazine. I don't know if this particular story made it into a Year Book, but I'll look into it.

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