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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sky Island

Sky Island was the second book in the new series L. Frank Baum started with the Sea Fairies. As sales had been disappointing, he added a couple Oz characters to the new story, to try and increase interest. Still, this was the end of the series, and Baum returned to Oz the following year.

This was published in 1912, and Reilly & Britton seems to have backed away from the extravagant, metallic ink enhanced books they had been producing. However, this book is very attractive, with wonderful illustrations by John R. Neill, and something new - a dustjacket with an image that wraps around the book, as well as being different from the cover label.

I was very lucky to stumble across a copy of the first edition in its original dustjacket at a local antiques show several years ago. I have found these shows to be a good source for unusual Oz items.


Bell Snickle said...

WOW! That is beautiful. I don't suppose you could post a photo of the entire wrap around image for the "Sky Island" dust jacket please?

Bill Campbell said...

I'll get a picture of the jacket posted.