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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Wogglebug

The Wogglebug Book was published in 1905, during L. Frank Baum's attempt to turn The Marvelous Land of Oz into a musical extravaganza. This book is not generally considered an Oz book as it takes place in the USA, following the Wogglebug on a series of escapades. It is actually a continuation of the 1904/1905 Queer Visitors comic page. My copy which I'm picturing to the left is in so-so condition - this is a large book, with cardboard covers and not designed to last.

Ike Morgan, who was a friend of W. W. Denslow, illustrated The Wogglebug Book. He had previously provided some illustrations for American Fairy Tales by Baum. An original Wogglebug illustration is shown at right, together with the color printed page from the book. I also have a paper overlay that was used to indicate some colors for the printers. This really only gives a very minor indication of what was what - the most colorful things being the poppies, and the stripes on the Wogglebug's turban!

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