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Monday, July 21, 2008

Denslow Covers

This pair of W. W. Denslow covers for Rand McNally titles show two different approaches to cover design. For Marsa, the cover text is minimal and the image is basically a small four-color poster which holds the viewer's attention. This story is a semi-historical romance between a Hungarian prince and a Tzigana (gypsy/peasant girl), with a fateful letter thrown in to botch up the works - some of these elements are indicated on the cover.

The Fifth of November has a different style of cover - it also resembles a poster, but the text of the title and authors, together with small thistle and rose emblems, make up much more of the monochromatic decoration. The smaller image of Guy Fawkes and his barrel of gunpowder are there to balance the rest of the cover. I haven't read this title yet, but plan to in the near future.

I think Guy Fawkes bears a bit of a resemblance to The Bandit from L. Frank Baum's Father Goose, His Book. Perhaps they are related!

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