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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Neill Adventure Art

John R. Neill did a lot of work for adventure story magazines - particularly Argosy Magazine, and others of the same sort. Here I have two drawings that could have been used in magazines of this type. I don't know where these pieces were actually published.

The drawing of the man swinging on a vine has the caption "Head Hunters /p. 15/ "With every bit of his strength he swung out." This is a lively action image, and includes some of Neill's stereotypical savages - just for the record, Neill also produced very sensitive drawings of various races.

The second drawing is captioned "Off Finistere", and shows a man on deck signaling with flares. This drawing makes me think of some of the illustrations of magical happenings in the Oz books - something about the sparks flying!

Both of these drawings are shaped to fit around text on the published page.

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