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Sunday, April 7, 2019

John R. Neill Artwork

As a fan of the artwork of John R. Neill, I'm happy to say that a new website has just been started, selling original pieces by the artist. David Maxine of Hungry Tiger Press is selling a variety of work belonging to one of Neill's granddaughters, a rare opportunity to obtain an original piece of Neill art. The majority of Neill's original Oz artwork has been lost over the years, and while he created a great deal of other work, much of it has remained in the Neill family. Be sure to take a look at www.johnrneill.com and see what's available!

On a related note, another website has been started recently, called The Lost Art of Oz. This is not a selling site - collector Brady Schwind takes a look at surviving Oz artwork, and is on a quest to try and locate some of the many examples of Oz artwork that have gone missing over the years. Artist John R. Neill illustrated 35 full length Oz stories, with an average of over 100 drawings per book. Yet, only a fraction of the artwork is known to survive. Brady would appreciate any information that might be out there concerning this subject!