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Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Case of Mistaken Identity!

A while back, (2013) I posted a photo of the Scarecrow and Tin Man from the Broadway Wizard of Oz musical.  I identified them as Fred Stone and David Montgomery, the creators of the roles, but it now seems apparent that this isn't the case.

David Maxine contacted me recently with further information on the identity of the performers, from research he has done on the show. It appears that they are actually George Stone (no relation to Fred!) and Charles Wilkins.

In 1906, the theatrical firm of Hurtig & Seamon acquired the rights to the show, and it toured for three seasons, into 1909. The photo on the left shows the stars of the show. Through comparison, particularly of costume details, it's evident that they are the same subjects in my photo - most likely photographed during the same publicity shoot!