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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ozian Artifacts

Last week, Profiles in History held a Hollywood auction that included a number of MGM Oz artifacts. I just ran across the catalog online, and enjoyed seeing the fantastic things that were offered. Along with keybook photo stills of sets and signed photos of actors, there were several costume pieces, some seen in the film and some not. A partial Winkie costume, the Munchkin Coroner's hat, and Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch hat were among the items. There was also the top of a Winkie spear, and a rehearsal shoe for Judy Garland - basically a ruby slipper without any rubies!

One of my favorite pieces was this pair of emerald gloves, which I've never seen before. Apparently they were used in the deleted Restoration Scene, when Dorothy and friends return to the Emerald City. It's quite the rhinestone work - a good companion to those famous slippers!

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