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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oz Window

At long last I've begun working on the Oz stained glass window I've talked about and been planning to do for the past 5 years or so. My partner & I own a stained glass studio, but as this is a personal project it's been postponed a number of times. It's finally underway, and I'll track the progress here over the next couple weeks.

This piece is based on the Oz Parade mural John R. Neill painted for Marie Lufkin. I've mentioned this before in an earlier posting (here). The original painting may or may not still exist, but there are a number of watercolor sketches for the piece, like the one on the left.

At the top of this entry, you can see the cartoon for the window - the basic pattern for cutting the glass. I've given it a general coloring, so I can keep track of what is what, but the final details are not seen in this pattern. There will be a number of painted pieces for faces, hands and other areas in the finished window. I'm also taking some liberties with color selections for a brighter finished piece, but the idea is to keep it as Neill-like as possible!


mackenzie said...

Wooow, that looks amazing!
I've always loved the illustration in the Oz books but I never knew much about it until reading your blog. Thanks!

Bill Campbell said...

Thanks, this will be a fun project. I'm glad you're learning something from the blog - I do think John R. Neill is one of the unjustly overlooked illustrators of the time period.