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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ozzy Portraits

About a year and a half ago, I blogged about starting another Ozzy project - namely, small 12" x 12" paintings of John R. Neill illustrations of Oz characters. It's been a while since I've shown any of these, and as it's been an ongoing project, I thought I'd share a few more.

Today I'm showing some famous females of Oz. I think it's pretty easy to identify Glinda, Ozma, Dorothy and Scraps. These are a lot of fun to do, and I've enjoyed playing with various colors and styles. The images themselves are taken directly from Neill illustrations, and I tend to think of them as coloring book paintings.

I have more that I'll be showing in upcoming posts. As these are small canvases, they don't take up a lot of space - but I am starting to develop quite a pile! They can be fun to arrange in various combinations - a sort of Ozzy Warhol effect!


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful. I especially like the one of Scraps, even though she's not one of my favorite characters! Tx for sharing.

Bill Campbell said...

Thanks! It makes for a fun project, and of course there's no shortage of characters to choose from...

SmellsLikeCrayons said...

I've always loved Ozma and felt like I looked like her. I was going to search for public domain illustrations of her to use as a userpic. I am not sure if you have altered these in terms of coloring, etc. It looks likely. (They are lovely by the way). Would it be alright if I used this Ozma for that purpose? Completely non-commercial, just a userpic for sites like g+. Thank you for all this information as well, I look forward to browsing it. :)

Bill Campbell said...

I'm glad you like them!

Just to clarify, these paintings are based on artwork by John R. Neill which is in the public domain. However, as these are my own new pieces of art, I control any commercial/publishing rights on these particular pieces - they're no longer public domain images.

Having said that, yes you may use this as your user pic if you like - thanks for asking permission! Check out the OzShop on Zazzle.com to find products using these images.