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Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Caroline Siedle

This drawing doesn't strictly have anything to do with Oz, but it is another example of a costume design by Caroline Siedle. I'm a bit fascinated by Siedle, who was one of the earliest credited female costume designers on Broadway.

As I've posted previously, she designed costumes for the 1903 Broadway Wizard of Oz (at right is a Cook costume for a chorus member). She was only about 40 years old when she died of pneumonia in 1907. But she had been involved in a large number of productions, both on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera where her husband was a well known prop master and technical director.

This particular costume design is labeled American Heiresses, and features a buxom blonde in a striking outfit. The combination of eagle head dress, striped bodice and star-spangled skirt are quite patriotic - and the moneybags are a nice touch! Traces of glitter remain throughout the drawing, adding sparkle to the puffed sleeves, the stars of the skirt, the armbands and bodice. At the upper right, a small partial sketch shows an alternate skirt design - blue, in a tutu style revealing quite a bit of leg.

Unfortunately there are no other markings on the board to identify what production this was designed for. But, in 1905 there was a musical comedy titled Miss Dolly Dollars, with a score by Victor Herbert and costumes by Siedle. There was even a number titled An American Heiress - so that could be a possibility!

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