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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Witchcraft of Mary-Marie

The Witchcraft of Mary-Marie is one of three short stories that were added to Baum's American Fairy Tales, the 1908 revised edition of American Fairy Tales. In July of 1951, Children's Digest chose to feature a condensed version of this tale as its cover story. This was the ninth issue of the magazine, which started in November of 1950 and which had already featured writing by L. Frank Baum in at least one earlier issue.

The story was illustrated by Art Seiden, but the drawing used on the cover was by Mary Blair. Blair was a well known artist and a famous Disney designer, who drew concept art for a number of films as well as the Small World ride at Disneyland. This cover was drawn during the height of her years at Disney Studios.


Mark R Hunter said...

That Mary Blair artwork leaped right out at me -- I've seen her stuff somewhere before, as a child. My parents were very good about getting those mail order children's book series as a child (in the 60s), which is how I got the Oz books in the first place; I'm sure her stuff got to me that way.

Mark R Hunter said...

Ah--the Little Golden Books! That's where I've seen her work!

AMWise said...

That Mary Blair piece is fantastic. I hope it's survived someplace. It would make a great addition to a collection of non-Oz illustrations of Baum's work.