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Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Letter From Maud

L. Frank Baum received numerous letters from young, and not so young, readers in response to his books. He did his best to personally respond to his fans, especially if they supplied postage. His death in 1919 didn't stop the flow of fan letters that were written to the popular author, and his wife Maud continued to answer the incoming mail. This led to the existence of some seemingly ghostly Baum letters!

Here is an example from 1920 - obviously this wasn't written by Frank, though it bears his bold signature, thanks to a rubber stamp. It congratulates the sender on winning a prize in a contest in the Plain Dealer, and goes on to say "I am glad you like my stories - I have written thirteen Oz books - and many others". It finishes with Baum's usual sign-off of "Ozily Yours".

This was written in January of 1920, when there were still only thirteen titles in the series. Glinda of Oz would be published that summer, bringing Baum's total of full length Oz novels up to fourteen.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

A friend of my mother had a letter from L Frank Baum and made a photocopy for me. The handwriting of the letter was clearly different from the signature. I must still have the paper stashed away. I never thought the signature was a rubber stamp but when I come across it again I will see if I can tell.

Bill Campbell said...

I think there may be some letters that Baum dictated then signed, during his illness. The date made this one easy to identify, as Baum had been dead for about 8 months!