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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Tik-Tok Man

Here's some more fun, early Oz material, thanks again to the resources of the New York Public Library digital gallery.

While poking around on their site, I ran across these two sheets of photos from The Tik-Tok Man of Oz - contact prints of characters and group shots from the 1913 stage show.
This show was a moderate success, but never made the trip to Broadway - apparently many critics found it to be too derivative of The Wizard of Oz. Still, L. Frank Baum managed to turn it into his 1914 Oz book, and it's fun to see another, live action if you like, take on some of the characters!

I've picked out a few of the photos and enlarged them - the quality isn't the best, but they're still fun to see.

Betsy & her mule, Hank.
Private Files and the Rose Princess - in the show, I believe her name was Ozma, which I've always thought must have been confusing for young fans of the books!

Betsy, Tik-Tok, Polychrome and the Shaggy Man.

A chorus of what appear to be gardeners and roses.

The Nome King and his sprites.

Queen Ann and her army.

Tik-Tok with a chorus of living clocks.

This looks like an act finale, featuring all the main characters! All these photos will enlarge if clicked upon.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Thanks! Fun stuff.

Jane Albright said...

What a treat! I'm always so glad I thought to click into your blog.