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Monday, October 10, 2011


I've finally pulled together a Zazzle shop - the OzShop - using the paintings I've been doing based on illustra- tions of Oz characters by John R. Neill. These are featured on typical Zazzle products - mugs, magnets, coasters, etc. A flash panel is installed at the bottom of this page - Take a look!

I'll continue to add new characters. And be sure to let me know if there are combinations or products you'd like to see - the possibilities are fairly endless.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Maybe a detail or two from those vintage photos you've been digging up?

Bill Campbell said...

That could be fun - but the photo images I've been posting are actually from the New York Public Library, and I don't have the right to use them for commercial purposes. But, maybe something will turn up sometime - things do!

catkins10 said...

I don't really know where to post this but I ran across a WOZ Online Costume Contest sponsored by The San Francisco Music Box Company. They are giving product and a $50 gift certificate for 2nd place. FYI - This is where the details are...


Sam said...

Let's see . . .

Cowardly Lion
Ozga the Rose Princess
Scraps the Patchwork Girl
Tin Woodman
Scarecrow (x2)
Ozma (x2)
Bungle the Glass the Cat
Jack Pumpkinhead
(Princess) Dorothy
Nome King Roquat/Ruggedo
Wicked Witch of the West . . .
Tin Soldier?
Hungry Tiger?

I count about 20 characters!

Bill Campbell said...

Very good!
There are some doubles, since Neill did vary quite a bit over time - and some that I just enjoyed doing. There is a little of the Hungry Tiger visible, a second version of the Tin Woodman (no Tin Soldier yet), and the possible Trot is actually Prince Inga - Neill's faces do all start to blend into each other!

Sam said...

And then it was AFTER I saw an image of the Woozy on the side that I THINK I spotted him, but it's so hard to spot for sure . . .

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Oh. I thought those NY photos would be in public domain.

Bill Campbell said...

It all gets a bit confusing, but I believe if I actually owned originals of the photos, I could do as I liked with them - but I'm just borrowing web images from the NYPL, so I don't have the rights for commercial use. At least, that's my interpretation - I could be wrong! On some of its images, the Library does offer prints and gifts - I think it comes down to specific cases.