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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Polychrome's Progress

The Polychrome window is progressing nicely. Here's a shot showing the start of laying out the rainbow. There's quite a way to go yet!

Another picture of me working on painting the Rainbow's head. Glass paint is basically powdered minerals mixed with gum arabic and water. When fired in a kiln at the right temperature, the paint fuses into the glass surface.

Here's a kiln full of rainbow faces waiting to be fired. Glass always needs to be tested for firing first, as some glasses can turn opaque in the kiln. After going through the work of painting, you don't want to find a surprise like that! 

It's all moving along!


Bell-Snickle said...

So beautiful! Are you doing this one by yourself or are you and your partner working on it together?

Bill Campbell said...

I've been doing this one on my own - Irwin's been working on other projects. There are always several things going on in the studio at any given time!