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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back Again

Back from NYC - As usual, the New York Book Fair was filled with all kinds of fascinating things, books and artwork - including Oz related. I didn't find anything for me, but I did run across another Denslow binding variation, not at the Fair but at the Strand Book Store.

Lorna Doone was published by Rand McNally in two volumes, with a cover by W. W. Denslow, printed in two colors and gilt on green cloth.

The set that I found is in its original dustjackets, which are very plain, and is printed in a single color with gilt on white cloth. The image has been re-centered on the cover and spine, due to the removal of the hills in the background.

I would guess that this is a later printing, reducing expenses by dropping color. The Denslow sea horse signature is still in the image. I just find these fascinating!

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