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Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Cookbook

Here I have a copy of Home Cooking, published by Rand McNally in 1896 with a W. W. Denslow cover. I think this cover brings The Wonderful Wizard strongly to mind, with the steam from the pot resembling the cyclone. I've been a little confused over this title, as it is listed in the Hearn/Greene biography of Denslow as Tasty Cooking. I don't see Denslow's seahorse anywhere on this cover, so it could well be a later printing, and perhaps the name was changed? As always, it's hard to say.

Denslow did another cookbook cover, this one for The American Pure Food Cookbook, published by George M. Hill. I don't have a copy of this title - I saw one once, but it was in fairly rough shape so I didn't pick it up. Now that I realize how tricky these books can be to find, I wish I had!


Anonymous said...

you may be interested in this:


Bill Campbell said...

Yes, that is the other Denslow cookbook cover I mention above. It does seem to be a hard book to find.