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Friday, June 6, 2008

Baum Inscription

I have one inscribed book by L. Frank Baum - it is a first printing of Father Goose, His Book, inscribed to Carolyn Stone.

This is a restored copy. The inscription is on the front free endpaper, which has actually been removed from another first printing of this title, which I also have - that copy is in very rough shape, with much wear and actually was rebound at some point using the rear cover as the front cover! The inscription was tipped into a much nicer copy of the book, although still with a replaced spine and corners - this was all professionally done for a former owner. Consequently, the whole thing is a bit of a mish-mash, but I'm still thrilled to have any kind of an inscription!

The note reads:
For my good old chum Caroline Stone with sincere hopes that I shall be able to add another name in presenting my next book. L. Frank Baum Chicago Oct. 7 1899.
I would assume this means that Caroline Stone was due to be married in the near future, or at least was of an age where it would be possible.


Jay said...

I actually once held a 1899 edition of "Father Goose" in 2002. I got in on interlibrary loan. The copyright page said that it was a second printing in October, so that was a reminder of how well the book sold!

I did make a complete set of photocopies of it... And how did a 16 year old Baum fan handle an over 102 year old book at a copy machine? WITH HIS LIFE! It got back to the library it came from in the same edition it had come in.

Still, I wish there was a nice reprint out there... I've had a thought where there could be an edition that also had the poems from "Father Goose's Yearbook," and maybe even the sheet music from "The Songs of Father Goose" with the title "The Complete Father Goose."

You have a real Baum autograph! Cool! How much did THAT cost?

Bill Campbell said...

That's a great story - and just goes to show what you can find at the library!