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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grampa in Oz

Grampa in Oz was the Oz book for 1924. By this point Ruth Plumly Thompson had settled in as L. Frank Baum's successor, and been accepted as the new Royal Historian of Oz. Most of her stories followed a simple questing formula, with a couple groups of characters searching for various things, and eventually joining together.

I have a couple original drawings for this book, by John R. Neill. Neill's artwork helped to bridge the gap between Baum and Thompson, and I think it played an important role in the continued success of the series.

The piece on the right is a drawing of Prince Tatters, the hero of the story. He has just won the hand of the Princess of Isa Poso - unfortunately, the hand is all he won, and he is quickly disposing of it! The Princess, who is made of ice, has already grown a new one.

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