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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Denslow Cover

The cover for Reminiscences of William Wetmore Story is a little different from some of the other covers W. W. Denslow designed for Rand McNally. The design is very sedate and much more linear, lacking any bold blocks of color. As this title is not a novel, but a biography of the American sculptor/author, this restrained approach seems most appropriate. The images of a quill, mallet, laurel wreath and lamp all reflect the subject of the book. Story lived much of his life in Rome, and his home there became a gathering place for many famous people of his day.

My copy of this book is a somewhat worn ex-library copy, with a card flap and library stamps on various pages. Originally it was given by the author to a childhood friend - there is an inscription on the front endpaper. However, I have to laugh to see that this book has clearly never been read, either by the friend or later by any library patrons; about two thirds of the pages have never been opened!

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