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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Patchwork Girl?

This past weekend was the last of the large antique/flea markets at the local State Fairgrounds. As usual, I took a wander through to see if there were any wonderful finds to be made. I saw a few Oz related items, but what I ended up buying were several small vintage patchwork quilt segments.

Back in February 2008, Antique Doll Magazine featured an interesting article on Patchwork Girl dolls. These appear to have generally been homemade items, and several photos were included of various dolls. So - having run across the raw material, I think I need to make a Patchwork Girl! I'm a fairly crafty person, so I think I can manage it. The fabrics are in somewhat rough shape, but I think that will add to the vintage quality. We'll see how it turns out, and I'll post it here.


ABC Triplets said...

Did you ever make this? Did any other Oz fans ever make a pattern?

Bill Campbell said...

Yes, I did make one from the vintage quilt squares. If you check a bit further on in the blog, you'll see the results - or click on the label "Oz Projects" in the sidebar. There isn't really a pattern for it, I more or less figured it out as I went!