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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ozma of Oz, from 1907, was the 3rd Oz book by L Frank Baum, and re-introduced Dorothy Gale to the series. Ozma has one of my favorite covers from the Oz series, very bold and colorful. The original dustjacket had a completely different image, similar to a poster for the book. At left is a first edition of the book, and above are a first Canadian edition (the first Oz book published in Canada), a copy from 1913 with a partial dustjacket and a 1923 copy in dustjacket. When Reilly & Britton became Reilly & Lee in 1919, the stamped cover of the book was replaced with a paper label repeating the dustjacket design.

I do not know of any artwork surviving from this title, however I do have several pieces from a 1950's edition that never happened. Reilly and Lee were working on updating the Oz series, and started to issue the books with new illustrations by Dale Ulrey. The Tin Woodman of Oz was the first to get this treatment, followed by the first Reilly & Lee printing of The Wizard of Oz. Some illustrations were drawn by Ulrey for Ozma of Oz, but it was never put into publication. At left is a drawing of Ozma and friends before the Nome King.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a book called "Unpublished Oz" featuring artwork from 1900-2000 that was never used. Rare Denslow, Neill stuff, plus unused advertisement, tv and movie promo illustrations.

Blair Frodelius

Bill Campbell said...

I agree, that would be a very interesting read.

Bill Campbell said...

Since writing this post, I've learned that an original piece of artwork from Ozma of Oz exists in the archives of The International Wizard of Oz Club, and can be viewed at the club website: