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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neill Illustration

Here's another piece of original art by John R. Neill. This is an intriguing drawing, apparently of some sort of domestic quarrel. The woman's unusual outfit is quite a contrast to the man's sober suit - I particularly like her checkered cap!

The technique is interesting, as it is done in pencil and ink on coquille board. Coquille board is an illustration board with a pebbled surface, used by illustrators to create halftones in their artwork for reproduction. I've posted a close up on the right to show the effect. I'm not familiar with many Neill drawings done this way.

I haven't been quite able to decide whether this is actually a finished drawing or not. The areas that are inked have been very carefully selected, to accent the overall image. There are no indications to show that it was ever published.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The wife looks like she could have been an associate of Captain Salt or Realbad!

Nathan said...

She also kind of reminds me of Jenny Jump.

Bill Campbell said...

She certainly has Jenny's attitude!