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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

King Kojo

King Kojo has the look and feel of an Oz book, with its colorful cover, dust jacket and illustrations, but this story published in 1938 was Ruth Plumly Thompson's attempt to break away from Oz. The book was published by David McCay, and illustrated by Marge, a close friend of Thompson's and the creator of Little Lulu.

The story - or series of stories - could easily fit in an Oz book, possibly taking place in one of the little kingdoms created by Thompson throughout the land. The same fanciful sense is present - there's even a comment by a character stating that "ogres melt in salt water, just like witches" - certainly a variation on an Ozian theme.

The color plates are bright, and Marge's work is energetic, if in a very different style than John R. Neill. Some of her artwork makes me think of James Thurber, particularly Dorcas the giant figurehead!


Anonymous said...

I'm eager to read this one. I believe the Hungry Tiger Press plans to re-print it within the next year or so. If that doesn't pan out I'll go ahead and look for an original copy.

Bill Campbell said...

It would be nice to see this reprinted - it's an enjoyable book!