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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wonderful Game of Oz

I've been gradually piecing together a set of The Wonderful Game of Oz. This was first sold by Parker Brothers in 1921, and continued to be available for a number of years after that. I came across the game board and box first, then found a boxed set of dice and playing pieces - these are the later version made of turned wood, rather than the original pewter figures. I have come up with one of the pewter pieces, a Cowardly Lion...now I just have to find a Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Woodman!

I coaxed a few friends into trying the game, and have to admit it's not one of the more exciting board games I've ever played! But the game board is really attractive - it's easy to see how it would appeal to younger kids familiar with the Oz stories.


Anonymous said...

How far along in the series do the locations on the board go? I see places uo through "Magic," is there anything from "Glinda"?

Also, any chance we could get a picture of the full board?

Bill Campbell said...

I don't think there are any characters specifically from Glinda of Oz - as you say, there are several from Magic of Oz. I'll try to get a good image of the entire board posted.