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Saturday, May 10, 2008


After mentioning the Dale Ulrey-illustrated Tin Woodman of Oz in my last post, I realized I hadn't shown this drawing of Dorothy in the Nome King's ornament room, from Ozma of Oz. This drawing is interesting to me for a couple reasons.

Ulrey seemed to be trying two different styles in this series of drawings for Ozma - some are straight-forward line drawings, and others are in a more atmospheric ink wash. This piece is an ink wash drawing, similar to the version of the Scarecrow and Nome King that I showed a while back. The drawing of Dorothy looks much more finished to me than the Nome King drawing. I do wonder which direction the artist was thinking of going, line or wash?

The Dorothy in this drawing also seems to be a departure from Ulrey's depictions of her in The Wizard of Oz, and Tin Woodman of Oz. In both of those books she has short curly hair, and always struck me as more of a tomboy - here she looks a little more ladylike.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, was this done before or after the abridged "Ozma" that Dick Martin illustrated?

Bill Campbell said...

This was from the mid 50's, before the Dick Martin/Jean Kellogg version.